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Catching ALLIGATORS in Louisiana!

19 May 2019

We went down to Louisiana to pick up our new ProDrive boat. We tested it out by catching 77 Alligators. Tree Seals Outdoors got it all on film and put this video together for y'all. Be sure to subscribe to their channel!
Alligators have a huge overpopulation issue in the swamps of Louisiana. Each year, some land owners are issued a certain number of tags. The tag holder we went with harvests around 100 alligators EVERY YEAR and never scratches a dent in the population. Overpopulation leads to disease, starvation, and in alligator’s case, being eaten alive by their own species. This is why some of the gators we harvested were either missing legs or had the tips of their tails bitten off. After the alligators have been harvested, they are sold for their meat and hide.

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